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The advantage of an industry marketplace

Search engine for the industry

98% of all internet users use a search engine at least once a month.  Increasing your online presence generates more leads.

50% of visitors are more likely to click a result if the brand appears multiple times.

Search engines drive 76% of all visitors to business-to-business websites.

91% of all pages never get any organic traffic from Google.

78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase.

89% of B2B buyers use the internet during the B2B research process.

B2B researchers won't get in touch with a salesperson until they're 57% of the way through their buyer's journey. In translation, they're ready to make a decision and look for the best price they can find.

B2B buyers are more than halfway (57%) through the decision process before they get in touch with a potential vendor.

71% of B2B researchers begin their research with generic searches.

90% of B2B researchers who are online use search specifically to research business purchases.

B2B buyers typically consume between 3 and 7 pieces of content before speaking with a salesperson.

45% of enterprises are investing more than $20,000 on SEO each month.

In recent studies of B2B buyers, 49% of participants stated they use a search engine to find a new product they're looking for.

74% of B2B buyers prefer to buy online.

89% of all B2B buyers research online before making a final purchase decision.

According to McKinsey, B2B's that master digital marketing practices experience revenue growth at 5x the rate as those who don't.

Products and services

A broad and relevant range of product and services ensure that engineers see what your company has to offer.

Being more visible online makes that companies will call you.

Offer products and services that fit in the industry at Ballycatter online platform.

Give valuable information on every product page. That makes the choice to contact you easier for further discussions.

Why a company account?

More then 9.000 industry professionals know the way to Ballycatter. This number goes up every month.

Additional text: The online platform is available 24/7, so equipment can be found anytime, from anywhere.

Reach millions of potential contacts.

We are the search engine for the industry.

Any questions? Send us an email or a whatsapp: +1 825 474 4417

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